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Still searching for the camp dork

Posted on October 31, 2007. Filed under: General Posts |

I’ve been out tracking the elusive camp dork all day. Finaly I was able to follow the trail of empty Red Bull cans back to the camp dork liar. Or as they like to call it “the pad”. Hee, Hee, Hee… Sorry every time I hear that I have to chuckle a bit.

Anyway, didn’t see any movement inside so I let my self in. No camp dork to be seen anywhere. I decided to look around. I walked down the hall and here is what I found in the living room.

lolcats and funny pictures

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Twinkies, Camping, and Dorks.. Oh my

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Greeting Fellow Campers.
Some times you just have to do things for your own amusement. So today I’m going to breakaway form the normal serious discussion you have become used to at the WCQ, and dive into something I found today while preparing an earlier post.


While looking for a link to the official twinkie web site, I found a link to the T.W.I.N.K.I.E Project. I couldn’t help myself, I looked. A couple of guys back in the nineties did some experiments using twinkies as the test subjects. Because of the diligence I noticed in their total lack of regard of the scientific process and their willingness to eat their test subject, I feel this is a worthy read. Check it out.

PS; Does any one know why spell check won’t recognize twinkies?

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LOST one camp dork. If you see him, do not speak or make eye contact. It spooks them and they run away whimpering and calling out for their “invisibility cloak“. Email Captn Rob as quickly as you can of the location of the camp dork sighting? Camp Dorks become easily disoriented when they go outside of their normal environment. You know the places, Starbucks, Trading Card Shops, Barns and Noble book stores, Panera Bread, and other places of that ilk. Once confusion sets in Camp Dorks quickly revert to their natural state, dormancy. They become irritable and lathargic. They may even quit feeding themselves. After that the coffee and twinkie levels drop in their blood stream to dangerous levels, and you end up with something that looks like this.

Camp Dork

Whoooaaa… That’s Scary. Nobody wants to see that.

Happy Halloween Campers!!!

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Introducing Neal Boortz

Posted on October 30, 2007. Filed under: General Posts |

I added a link today to The Neal Boortz website. I have been a daily reader of Neals Nuze for about three years now. Check it out it is a great read. I may add a link to the Nuze redneck scrapbook as well. Always funny!

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Still no Tech Dork

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I am sorry to say that the Tech Dork has been unusually allusive the last few days. I will keep searching and as soon as I can track him down I will post the how to sharpen a knife video.

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Pre-Camp 07

Posted on October 30, 2007. Filed under: General Posts | Tags: , , , |

Date line Indianapolis IN, & Casie IL

Wilderness Doug and Captn Rob teleconferenced today to determine the date of this years Pre-Camp 07. The senior campers decide on December 8th as the pre-camp date. The pre-camp location will be at Cassia del Corny in beautiful Casie IL. Sub Campers and Camp Rookies are encouraged to register early as available spots fill quickly. Send a pre-addressed stamped envelope with your last round $50.00 cash contribution to Captn Rob.

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Captn Rob turns to the dark side… Starbucks!

Posted on October 30, 2007. Filed under: Captn Rob Rant's | Tags: , , , , |

Good morning campers. I decided it might be time to start a pre winter work out routine today. This thought in itself is somewhat against winter camps primary philosophy of doing as little physical labor as necessary. All of us put on a little extra weight for insulation during the winter season. This usually involves letting out the belt an extra notch or going to the XXL sweat shirt, but when my sleeping bag started to feel snug, I thought it might be time to start exercising. So today I rolled out of the sleeping bag forgoing my normal cup of Folgers Coffee and went straight to the YMCA.

I know no body really cares about my work out at the Y, but that’s not what this post is about. What this post is about in my journey this morning. I was a stranger in a foreign land. I’ve made a conscious effort to avoid Starbucks. I’m old enough to remember when Starbucks first came to town. At that time we called them Pretentious Yuppie %#sholes. And they were the only ones that visited Starbucks. A buddy of mine is a Starbucks fan and I have met him there for coffee three or four times over the years. Since I don’t speak Starbuck I always let him order for me. I hate to admit it but the coffee is good. I recently had a business meeting at Starbucks and managed to order the coffee my friend always orders and did not screw the order up. Today for some unknown reason, as I drove by the fifth Starbucks shoppe, I decided to stop in for a cup of coffee. All by myself!

I lumbered into the Starbucks store fresh from my workout at the Y. Sweaty, smelly, hair all crazy looking dressed in my old sweat pants and a sweat shirt with some construction company logo on it (because I got it for free). The pull string around the hood is pulled half out and only accessible from one side. As the door closed behind me all eyes turned to see the new visitor into their domain. I felt like the a mangy mutt at the Mayfair Dog Show. All of the beautiful people looking like they had nothing else to do or anywhere else to be. The thing I have never got about Starbucks is the concept of going someplace where it is expected that you will stand in line and wait for your coffee. I am more of the I want, what I want, when I want it and I WANT IT NOW! Kind of guy. So I lumbered over to the counter where a adorable young girl smiled at me and asked me for my order. I assume that is what she said, so I spoke slowly with large hand gestures and loudly said “I DON’T SPEAK STARBUCKS. MAY I HAVE A LARGE WHITE COFEEEEE MOCCA WITH A SQUIRT OF VANILLA?” She seemed to understand me. I grunted and pointed at what looked like a breakfast burrito as well. She pointed for me to step back from the counter where as a good camper I set back and observed my environment. As a looked around strange thoughts entered my mind. Hmm, Theres a book I’ll never read… Bruce Springstein has a new CD… Wow Genesis has a CD out… I didn’t know those guys were still alive… Phill Collins would make a great Troll… ITunes sells virtual CD’s on real plastic… I thought tree huggers were against wasting plastic…. If I listen carefully, I actually am starting to understand what these people are saying… Oh someone called my name… My white mocha coffee with a pump of vanilla is ready. I find out my breakfast burrito is actually ham, egg, cheese, and avocado on a whole wheat wrap. All of this for just under $10.00 As I lumber out, I to think to myself ” It’s kind of expensive, but this place might catch on after all.”

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Below Freezing

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The temperature finally dipped below freezing this morning. 30 degrees when I rolled out of the sleeping bag this morning. Still mild by camper standards, but moving in the right direction. No time to chat today, so I’m just going to post this short film on the proper way to sharpen your knife. As with all Winter Camper skills that require sharp implements of destruction, have the first aid kit well stocked and standing by……………………. Ok Well that didn’t work out so well. Apparently Captn Rob doesn’t know how to make a video post work. I need to track down one of the winter camper tech dorks to help me out. You know how hard it is to track those guys down. They are always hiding in someone’s moms basement playing Magic The Gathering or World of Warcraft, or some other useless pass time.

Well while I go hunting for a tech dork I will leave you with this link to Ray Lewis. No Ray Lewis doesn’t have anything to do with this site, but just for fun I mentioned his name the other day, and I had a ton of visitor to my site. So I am going to try it again. Maybe this weekend I’ll mention Payton Manning or Tom Brady, possibly even both.

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Rachael Ray meet Ray Lewis

Posted on October 27, 2007. Filed under: Breakfasts | Tags: , , , , , |

What do Rachael Ray and Ray Lewis have in common? What do they have to do with winter camp? Not a thing… And yet I am going to find a way to put it all together. Thats one of the great things about being Captn Rob!

When I rolled out of the sleeping bag this morning the first thing on my mind was breakfast. After starting my morning cup of Folgers Special Roast Coffee, I wondered over to the chuck wagon. Much to my dismay, the chuck wagon supplies were woefully thin. No salt or seasonings!!! I knew I didn’t have time for a quick hunt and gather, so I decided to improvise. Scrounging around at the bottom of the chuck wagon I found an old bottle of Benissimo Mediterranean Garlic dipping olive oil. (Even the most rugged of individuals like an occasional hunk of bread dipped in seasoned oil and a bottle of wine. As long as you drink your wine directly from the bottle, it;s still manly.) I shook it up for full flavor distribution and used it to cook my sausage. The chunks of garlic and other assorted flotsam of seasonings mixed over the sausage coating it evenly. Corprl Casie shouted from upstairs that she was hungry, smelled what I was cooking and wanted some. Campers note. (Corprl Casie is my daughter and has a two story tent off to the side of camp.) So I threw a few more eggs over the top. when the sausage was done. Mixed cooked and served. Added some salsa, and it was breakfast. Still all in one skillet. Tada!!!!

Now getting back to the headline what to Rachael Ray and Ray Lewis have to do with my camp breakfast. Nothing, but it seemed like a catchy headline and gave me some cover for my improvised seasoning for breakfast.

Till next time, Good Camping

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Are campers lazy?

Posted on October 25, 2007. Filed under: General Posts, Random thoughts from an idle mind | Tags: , , , , , |

Morning Campers. It’s an invigorating 45 degrees outside sunny and windy. I thought I would grab my laptop, a piping hot cup of Folgers classic roast coffee , and head to the patio. To get in the proper frame of mind for camping, I’ll write this post sitting here in just some shorts and camp moccasons. (Much to the dismay of my neighbors)

Well some people accuse winter campers of being lazy unmotivated slackers. And I here today to say that I take acceptation to that statement and would like to defend the honor of all winter campers. But that seems like a lot of work…. So then I thought I would write a scathing rebuttle, but that also seemed like a lot of work and may have required some thought… So I just decided to post a couple of links to stuff other people wrote. 25 things every man should know This is from Popular Mechanics Magazine Enjoy.

Man it’s kinda breezy out here!

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