WOW, Just like being at camp…

Posted on October 22, 2007. Filed under: Camp Fire Chats |

I guess writing a blog is just like being at winter camp. You get to talk all you want, but your never really sure if anyone is listening. If you assume no one is listening, in most cases you will be right.

One of the most popular events of winter camp is the campfire discussion. We use the term discussion loosely, in most cases it is more of a long rambling incoherent rant. If you stay around the campfire long enough incoherent even becomes a generous term. Having anywhere from two to five or more campers all with strongly held opinions attempting to talk at the same time, it becomes apparent why we camp in the winter. There are fewer people to annoy. My favorite tactic in the campfire discussions is to take the opposing viewpoint. I have been blessed with the temperament that I don’t have to believe in something to be able to argue about it. I just have to be able to make an intellectually accurate argument. As the amount of adult beverages consumed increase, my ability to determine what is intellectually accurate decreases. Fortunately the rest of the camp also looses their ability to determine this as well.

In the above paragraph I used the word “LOOSES”. This is where I go back to my old school belief that anything worth communicating is worth saying. The written word is fine for some things, but not everything. Take the word looses for example. It is spelled correctly, but is it really the word I think it is. The word I want to use if spelled phonetically would look like this LOOZES. There is also a word similar which is loose. Like in baggy clothing (loose). If your wondering where I’m going here, stay with me for a few more seconds. The program I am using has spell check, but not grammar or a thesauruses. I could cut and paste and check with another program, but that seems like a lot of work. I’m a camper after all! The reason I bring this all up is a few years back I played poker with a group of friends on a somewhat regular basis. One night I was first one out. Beth Wagner (no relation to Captn Rob) decide it would be cute to make a big name tag that said loozer (spelling it phonetically here) and make me where it until the game ended. What she did not know was what she spelled was not loozer, but rather looser, as in baggy or loose clothing. So instead of me being the butt of the joke the rest of the night, I was able to turn the tables and make fun of Beth for her inability to make fun of me with out screwing it up. That’s how campers roll.

So now I have to sit back and wait and worry that the words I wrote are what I thought I wrote. The only way to be sure is through the lack of grief heaped upon me by the other campers. PS. The word where is worrisome as well. That’ why if you are going to make fun of someone. Do it verbally not in writing!

So what did all of this have with Winter Camping? Not a Dang Thing!!! That’s what happens with a normal winter camp rant.

Till next time, GOOD CAMPING


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