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Wilderness Doug weighs in on below freezing…

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Greetings Campers,

Wilderness Doug checked in with more wisdom.



The other innovation from that camp was the beer slushy. I remember having to strain the ice crystals through the teeth to get to the golden necture. I think the unbreakable egg was also invented at that camp. Just get the Kinsu out and peel it like a potato. I believe I used 2 as ice cubes for the morning Jack and coffee. Week to Pre-Camp, brushing up on the Robert’s rulle of Order, Put gas line antifreeze in the 4 wheeler, run a gear check on Thursday, Forage of friday.


Wilderness Doug – November 30, 2007 at 9:44 am

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Coors launches below freezing beer???

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A beer that is served below freezing?????

Greetings Campers,

Thats right. A beer thats served below freezing. The good Captn has found some information tha Coors Brewing company UK has developed a beer that when served is colder than freezing. See linked info Now I don’t know about the rest of you, but keeping beer below freezing is not usually a problem for winter campers.

During Winter Camp III we had temperatures drop down to negative 10 degrees. During that camp we built a fire that was chest high and kept it blazing all night. We had to take our beers and form a ring around the fire and turn them occasionally to keep them from freezing solid. This technique worked out quite well. The only draw back was that in order to open said beers, one would need to remove ones gloves. If one was not careful one could find ones self attached to said beer can. The other problem that presented itself was the occasional need to return a beer to nature. This was Winter Camp III and we were still suffering from what is known as young and dumb. It never occurred to us that when nature called, leaving a beer by the fire would be ok. So all of us at one point wondered from the fire carrying an open beer, to answer the call of nature. This is where all of that science stuff we were supposed to learn in school would have been helpful. If you take a near freezing beer, stumble away from the fire into the negative ten degree woods, set down beer on cold stump, take care of business, stumble back towards fire and then take a drink of the beer, something happens. That something is not good. A below freezing beer can when touched to a warm lip has a tendency to freeze to that lip. After losing a couple layers of lip skin we all learned to warm the spot you planned on taking a drink from and testing before taking a long swig of beer.

So Coors your too late. Winter Campers were serving below freezing beer over twenty years ago.

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Snowman Hunters ask the Republicans on YouTube Debate

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Greetings Campers,I don’t know if you are planning on watching the tonights Republican debate on CNN. They are going back to the YouTube format. The Snowman Hunters have questions. Do you think Anderson Cooper will air their questions?In the unlikely event that the Snowman Hunters are overlooked, I have provided you with their question on global warming?

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Wilderness Doug and the woe of camper Buck…

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Greetings Campers,

Senior camper Wilderness Doug and yours truly have been discussing the status of our current crop of rookies. It has come to my attention that Camp Dork/Former first year man JaysonCamp Dork

has started doing what we senior campers call “The Waffle”. As grizzled veterans of camping in the winter, we have seen it all before. Some of you sissies might call this an intervention, but we campers just call it, setting some panty waist straight.

I am going to reprint for you some earlier comments between Wilderness Doug and the good Captn. These comments will explain much.

Wilderness Doug says….

Yesterday I was thinking about this camp as it rained all morning. Excellent timing. I think of a couple of innovations that came from this one.
1. Rain fly or tarp is always on the pack list, even if it is below zero. Even if it does not rain the tarp can still be used to wrap frozen corpes for the drag out at the end of camp.
2. Rubber boots are far superior than leather under these conditions.
3. If you are a rookie or low man, you should always make sure that senior camper booze is available.

About 10 days to pre-camp. Remember this is a self forage camp. Any status on Rookie Jason? Any patch ideas? Right now I just have the 2 made camper patches from 07′.

Wilderness Doug – November 27, 2007 at 9:48 am

Captn Rob responds…

Wilderness Doug,

I have sad news to report. Camp Dork/ Former first year man Jayson may be turning to the “BUCKSIDE” I know what your thinking…. I thought we had eradicated this menace to campers years ago in a land far far away. But it has returned.

Camp Dork/Former first year man Jayson has started the waffle. He is bringing up some lame excuse about “the girlfriends” company Christmas party. Isn’t this how we lost Buck? First it was Buck giving up on the long rambling tirades about “The Greatest Company Ever” Cummings! Then he missed one pre-camp. Soon he missed a Winter Camp Actual. Busted in rank and eventually lost entirely.

It’s too difficult for the Captn to recount the tragedy of Buck. If you have it in you Wilderness Doug… Would you recount for Camp Dork/Former first year man Jayson the sad tale of Buck when he followed “the girlfriend” out of state?

Captn Rob – November 27, 2007 at 12:51 pm

Wilderness Doug responds with this wisdom…


The Buckwheat saga is a sad one and should be a lesson to all campers.

The tale begins with Buck at the ripe old age of 30 finally getting a girlfriend. The fact it took this long is not surprising if you know Buck. The gal was at least 15 years older than Buck and he felt that true love had finally found a way into his backpack. After a few years his dreamboat decided she was going to move to Texas. Buck, who had a good job with “The worlds greatest company” decided he would go with her. He quits the job and moves to Texas and buys a house. Once down there she decides she wants to go to school to get a teaching degree. Buck cashs out his 401K and retirement and funds the education. (You see where this is going). Once the degree is in hand she decides that maybe Buck isn’t the one for her. She dumps Buck and disappears. Buck grovels to her parents to try and get her back but to no avail. Broken and beaten, Buck returns home and is destin to live a miserable lonely life.

So, young camper Jayson, let this be a lesson. Life will throw many twists and turns at you. Camp is the one steady, consistant bedrock you can count on. Unless your said girlfriend comes with a chain of family liquior stores, a good string of bird dogs, telescoping legs, a nice boat, is mute, looks good in buckskin, and a couple of good ponds then take heed. If she does come with all the above……does she have a sister?


Wilderness Doug – November 28, 2007 at 9:59 am

Camp Dork/ Former first year man Jayson, Take heed of the wisdom of Wilderness Doug. I will show you the last picture we had of camper Buck when he returned a battered and broken 36 year old.images.jpeg

Don’t let Buck happen to you!

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You Might Be A Camper If…..

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Greetings Campers,Tough call on this one… Camper or RND candidate? Corny, This ones for you!

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Hey Wilderness Doug…

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Greetings Campers,

When you are a winter camper, sometimes you do things just for your own amusement. Today is one of those times.

This post is mainly for the campers, but some of you may find the video amusing as well.

Wilderness Doug,I had this video sent to me from an anonymous source at Camp Site 1. I believe it is a response to your comments on camper Corny’s little war on WMD’s. (See comments on the “Can you hate Tom Brady too much” post) It looks as though Corny’s war is getting some traction. Some celebrity backers are coming to his defense. See what you think?

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Greetings Campers,

Already sucked down two pots of piping hot Good to the last drop Maxwell House coffee, and it didn’t help.

Grumpy and uninspired today.So I’m going to steal a play out of Scott Adams play book and not put any effort into todays post.

Here is a pretty picture and a replay of The Beer Diet. Enjoy!


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More Rain

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Greetings Campers,

Its cold, its wet, its almost winter. I am sitting back in the trusty Coleman camp chair. Under a worn green tarp with a pitifully small fire. The Maxwell House coffee has long since gone cold. Thinking I might need something a little stronger to keep in the warmth! I like the Bombay Saphire Gin. Wilderness Doug is more if the Jack Daniels kind of guy, but I like the gin. A little gin poured over ice chipped off of the mini iceberg. Wave the bottle of tonic over the top and add lime. Oh Yea… feel the warmth!

Well campers a dreary day like this reminds me of Winter Camp IV. Wilderness Doug and yours truly had become made campers two years before by earning our unauthorized patches. What’s an unauthorized patch? Well that will be a story for another day. Any way because of the unauthorized patches, we had decided that we could only camp on private ground or wilderness areas. We did not know anyone with sufficient private ground to satisfy a couple intrepid fledgling campers, so we opted for the Hoosier National Forest Charles C. Dean Wilderness area. We had decided on the wilderness area because the only things we could find that was illegal in the wilderness area was, poaching, littering, and driving motorized vehicles. Nothing in the bylaws about young and stupid. We were stoked! Doug’s brother Flint had joined the group the prior year. He had the prerequisite blank look on his face and didn’t talk back to much when we told him to do the menial camp duties.

HIKE TO CAMPSITE IV…….Rain, Wind, Not Quite Freezing Coldsnow2007.jpg

Wilderness Doug had purchase a couple maps of the wilderness area. We randomly picked a trail that we thought would lead towards a Ranger tower. (It seemed like a cool thing to do at the time.) We started down the trail with our 90 pound cheap back packs. (We still had not started reducing the payload yet, remember strong backs weak minds!) We had started upgrading some of our cooking equipment, but not much. The trail started nice wide and easy to travel. Soon we came across trees that had been cut down across the trail. Kind of a nuisance, but not bad to step over. The rain continued. As we slogged down the trail the trees became increasingly more common draped across the trail. We had to go over some around others and under a few. The rain came down harder, the wind started to blow. Came out of the woods and saw the tower. Young and dumb. We had to climb it! We climbed tower. Looked around. Told each other how cool we were for doing so. We walked back down. Now we were cold, wet, and tired. Wilderness Doug still had a map and we had a place picked out to go to. So we started back into the woods. Now the trees cut across the path were about every couple of feet. It was getting colder.

CAMPSITE IV camp_during_white_out.jpg

We finally made to camp. Nothing really special about camp location except it was deep in the woods. We cleared a spot and set up the tents. Looking for dry wood was problematic, but not impossible for seasoned campers. We finally managed to get a fire going and realized that it was going to be very wet camp unless we came up with something. Our solution was to rig a rain fly over the fire and use a tree to create a high pitch so the rain would run off. Problem solved. NOT

We then came to the unavoidable conclusion that when it was cold and it rained, and it wasn’t cold enough to make the ground freeze you got a little thing we liked to call mud. Being creative we searched around and found lots of cut trees. Fortunately there were a bunch that the rangers had cut down and placed in the trail to keep motorized vehicles off the trail. We borrowed them. Soon we had a makeshift patio to walk on. We were mostly dry, fire was warm, time to crack open a cold one or two. After a couple we started looking for the ever present camp schnapps. Brother Flint was in charge. No schnapps! Big problem!! This year we cut back on some of the beer and opted to supplement with harder and lighter schnapps. So we had a quick camp council and a fair vote. Flint won the nomination to “volunteer” to hike back to the car and get our schnapps. He was gone for a couple hours. Wilderness Doug and I kept vigil by the fire drinking keeping Flints beer company in his absence. Flint made it back safely.

The rest of the weekend was uneventful except for the occasional dumping of the rain fly water on someone who was not keeping a close eye on fellow campers. Dumping cold water on a unwary camper when its 35 degrees outside. That one always cracks us up!

Another successful camp. No one died. Winter Camp IV

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Brady Bashing…..

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Greetings Campers,

I am thinking of creating a new sport. I am going to call it Brady Bashing. In honor of the Mr. Tom Brady. I think we need to come up with some rules, but it seems like a lot of work, so what I will do is make them up as I go along.

Rule number one. The Senior Campers are always right.
Rule number two. Bash Brady

Ok thats enough of rule making for today.

I have been searching around for some new content of people saying unkind things about Bezzlebubs boy toy. It is getting more and more difficult to find new Brady haters. Fear not I have found a couple.

Here’s a good one. Tom Brady: “I’m the Father of Anna Nicole’s baby”

While this next submission is not strictly about bashing Tom Brady, I am going to allow it as it is picking on Bill Belichick. It also has a picture related to Richard Nixion. How can you go wrong. Enjoy some info about Billy B and his cheating ways.

The great thing about social media is that it brings us all together. I have noticed that the social giant MySpace is fertile ground to find Brady Haters. Here is a group that feels they need to be categorized geographically. I bring you the Southern California Brady Haters. I guess thats so we don’t mistake them with the Northern or Central California chapters.

Well lets all hope for a rousing defeat today for The Evil Tom Brady and New England Patriots.

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The Captn returns

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Greetings Campers,

The good Captn has been spending some time with the family. Its time to get back to business.

Wilderness Doug has been weighing in with some comments recently. I mention Wilderness Doug often in my ramblings. For those of you who are new to the WCQ, I will explain. Captn Rob and Wilderness Doug are senior members of an elite group of rugged individuals. We have been blazing a trail each December and February by camping in the winter. We use these camping excursions as a time to eat great food, drink some of our favorite beverages, and solve all the worlds problems. The latter is usually attempted after mass quantities of the former have been consumed.

Wilderness Doug has voiced some strong feelings about a number of issues. He has never been a fan of the current administration. He was in favor of the excursion into Afghanistan. He became disillusioned with our war in Iraq early. His reasoning was that we should not be involved. But if we were going to be involved, we should be really involved. His feelings were that we should bomb the whole region into a solid hunk of glass.

We could always go back and drill for oil later.

I think some would agree that Wilderness Doug’s version of war may be a bit excessive. What do you think? Wilderness Doug too extreme or not blood thirsty enough?

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