An open letter to Wilderness Doug

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Dear Wilderness Doug,

I am sending this letter out over the internet in the hope that it will reach you. I am also sending a hard copy via U.S. Mail, telegraph, carrier pidgin, and sled dog Owen. My plan is that no matter how remote a location you are in, word of this correspondence will get to you.

You did a nice job starting the conversation about stupid people and what to do about them. All the campers would like to know your thoughts on the following topics;

Would you rather wake up with Hillery Clinton every day for the rest of your life, or become the head security guard for General Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan? (He even has his own website!)

Your nomination for the president of the Republic of North Dakota

Global Warming – Man made or just that whole sun gets hotter and colder thing?

Nominations for official Winter Camper gear.

We look forward to your inspired thought of wisdom.


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2 Responses to “An open letter to Wilderness Doug”

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Ole Wise and Mighty Capt’n,

How nice to see the Quarterly get it’s day in the sun. Setting here hung over, it almost feels like a camp. I will try and address the topics you have crafted for discussion.

1. The Hillary Question – I have mixed feelings on this one. Neither option would seem to be a good fit for a camper. If I follow camp law it would seem that I would have to go with Hill on this due to the pay back rule. All you right wing nuts stuck me with Bush for the last 7 years so I am obligated to return the favor. Additionally Musharraf needs a shave.

2. It is good to see the North Dakota idea get some legs. As you have named it a republic I believe it should have a representative government. RND will have a balance of power. A co-president may be in order, say Mikael Moore and Rush Limbaugh for the first term.

3. Global Warming as you know is just a conspiresy made up by the ice manufacturers and the air conditioning lobbies.

4. For camping gear a spare liver would be nice.

HEY EVERYBODY, Wilderness Doug has reared his grizzled head!!

Wilderness Doug,

It’s good to her from you. Which of my couriers made to your remote location? Internet, carrier pidgin, or sled dog Owen?

I must say it is also refreshing to hear someone reach back to the hollowed ground of camp law for their answers. Dealing with all of these rabid Pats fans has dulled my normally agile mind.

Good thoughts on the RND. I think we could use some more discussion on this on.

Your thought on spare gear is also enlightening. I think we are going to need some more camp rookies. Maybe we should require a blood test on their camp application.

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