Tom Brady is the Antichrist

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Greetings Campers,

Since I have determined that this is a blog about campers and what is important to them, and by extension me. So I am free to write about anything I want to. So today we are going to dedicate our ramblings to Tom Brady and the people who hate him. I thought that I might write a lot of unkind things about Tom Brady, but that seems like a lot of work. So I am going to take the easy way out and report unkind things that other people are saying about Tom Brady. So here we go.

Here is a great post from a guy on Howards Forums about why he hates Tom Brady. Just scroll down on the page and enjoy.

James pulls back from stating that he hates Tom Brady. He doesn’t go so far to say that Tom Brady is the Antichrist. That would be too strong considering he is a preaching minister. He does manage to say a few unkind words about Mr. Brady and thats good enough for me. Enjoy James thoughts here

This next post is from Pittsburgh. I like Pittsburgh and their sports fans. Their fans have lots of attitude. Not always good attitude. Sometime it is more of the cross me and I am going to open up a big can of Whoop A%# on you attitude. Yea I like that! I found this on the Pittsburg Dish. Sure it’s a couple of years old, but still relevent all the same. Click here

I’ll continue looking around and bring you more later today. In the meantime, If you have anything unkind to say about Tom Brady, please do so in the comments section.

While I write this, I have the TV on in the background and it is tuned to MSNBC and Morning Joe. Arriana Huffington of the Huffington Post is on. Is it me or does she sound a lot like Lisa Douglas from TV Land’s Green Acres?


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10 Responses to “Tom Brady is the Antichrist”

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Haha, I’m a Patriots fan and that made me laugh. It’s alright with me if everyone hates us, it worked pretty well for the Yankees and Cowboys for a while.

Side note: The Patriots were originally the Boston Patriots. The author of the article was all upset because he thought they were pretentious because they were always called the New England Patriots. Oops.

Haha, I hit submit by mistake too early. Meant to add this:

Nice blog, I’m an avid camper so I’ll be checking back. You can find me at either (Red Sox blog) or (Patriots blog).

Dear Rob Mo,

Thanks for the comment. You are obviously a man of superb taste. Well except for that whole Pats thing. Come back often, you will find very little content of value, but lots of it. I like to think of myself as the Golden Corral of the blog world.

If Tom Brady is the Anti-Christ, then call me a goat-sacrificing follower of beezelbub!

This Western Massachusian is thoroughly satisfied with the terms and conditions of the contract that the Sawx and Pats penned in blood with the devil.

With the price of heating oil these days, New England doesn’t mind the heat…

Snerdly, Your goat-sacrificing follower of Beezelbub!

Your comment was something we don’t see much of. It was well thought out, articulate, and punctuated correctly.

We campers don’t take kindly to your type around here!

Tom Brady is the best looking antichrist in history! Yum!!!!


For starters I just want to say that I hope Leeann isn’t short for Lee Andy. You do seem to be a Pats supporter after all. Secondly, sure he is good looking. You don’t think he is going to go to all the trouble to sell his soul to the devil and not put in a clause about being good looking and irresistible to woman do you? I mean someone else tried this same thing before with out that clause. RIGHT Terry Bradshaw!!! Nuff Said.

you are a funny funny man. I say “Go Colts” They should of won.
But look out pats… The colts will win the superbowl. AGAIN

Thank you gwen! I am glad to see there is finally someone of intelligence reading this blog. I can’t agree with you more! The World Champion Colts will win the SUPERBOWL!! Remember readers you heard it first here from Dear Ol Captn Rob and first ever honorary winter camper gwen.

you are correct again actually, Everyone knows the Colts are going to win the SuperBowl. Duh

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