The World Hates Tom Brady!

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Greetings Camper,

Wow, what a big day it is. It has been a record day of visitors to the Winter Campers Quarterly. Overwhelmingly the visitors seem to support the good Captn’s belief that Tom Brady has sold his sole to the devil. There is nothing like talking unkindly about someone to bring out the best in a camper. That being said, I have an announcement….

One of our readers has been given a distinguished award today. Reader gwen submitted a comment today that brought up two facts I can’t find anyway to argue with.

Fact 1. “You are a funny funny man”
Fact 2. The Indianapolis Colts will win the Superbowl again this year!

Because gwen has shown she is a person of uncommonly good taste and character, as well as a deep thinker and avid Colts fan. I have held an emergency camp council meeting. Wilderness Doug was unavailable for comment and the other campers votes don’t count. The vote was unanimous! The senior council of Winter Campers has decided to award gwen the distinguished honor of Honorary Winter Camper.

Congratulations gwen! Go forth and use your new authority as an honorary winter camper wisely.


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5 Responses to “The World Hates Tom Brady!”

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Dear Captn Rob

I have discovered your blog and would like to thank you for mentioning my name. I’m glad that you are able to gain wealth and prosperity while slandering my name.


Dear Tom,

I am honored that you have found my humble site. I must admit I am somewhat stunned that you had time to search far enough back to find me. I would have thought you had people for that. I just want to mention that slander is such an ugly word. The good Captn feels the term “saying unkind things about the little weasel Tom Brady” is more accurate.

If I had sold my sole to the devil, had a smoking hot girlfriend, three superbowl rings, and a butt load of money, I think I could find something better things to do. Like sitting back with a cigar in one hand a glass of very old scotch in my other hand, watching my gienormous TV and laughing. HA, HA, HA, HA, Haaaaaaaaaa…. Take that Captn Rob!

But thats just what I would do.

To your point about gaining wealth and prosperity…. Ha, ha, ha, hee, hee, hee, hoo, hoooo, hoooo, hurp!! Ow. Don’t make me laugh so hard!

By the way, “Tom” have you ever visited North Dakota????

North Dakota? Canada with palm trees…right?

Dear Rob,

You are correct sir!!! North Dakota, where the birds are always singing, the sun is always shining, and the woman have a below average sense of self esteem.

Palm trees, and the very rare MGD tree that when tapped just correctly, secretes beer!

Your going to love it.

Hey, you spelled “sole” the wrong way..You simply are referring to the “sole” of a shoe…But you really mean…a human soul. Which by writting such harsh words means, you dont even have one…So i guess spelling the word shouldnt matter.

Which…go search google or you tube or something…There is a song about tom brady..Im not sure what its called but it goes something like T Brady your the only qb for me, something something, i want you in my inzone…Shoot who knows…go look for will chuckle.

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