Wilderness Doug Found!!!

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Pull up your Coleman camp chair, pour yourself a piping hot cup of Folgers coffee and take in the wisdom of Wilderness Doug.

The grizzled camp veteran has finally come out of the deep wilderness of Casie Il to participate in our long and rambling discussion. He posted his thoughts in the open letter to Wilderness Doug post. I didn’t want any of you to miss his wisdom, so I have had Camp Dork/ First Year Man Jayson duplicate for you here.

“Ole Wise and Mighty Capt’n,

How nice to see the Quarterly get it’s day in the sun. Setting here hung over, it almost feels like a camp. I will try and address the topics you have crafted for discussion.

1. The Hillary Question – I have mixed feelings on this one. Neither option would seem to be a good fit for a camper. If I follow camp law it would seem that I would have to go with Hill on this due to the pay back rule. All you right wing nuts stuck me with Bush for the last 7 years so I am obligated to return the favor. Additionally Musharraf needs a shave.

2. It is good to see the North Dakota idea get some legs. As you have named it a republic I believe it should have a representative government. RND will have a balance of power. A co-president may be in order, say Mikael Moore and Rush Limbaugh for the first term.

3. Global Warming as you know is just a conspiresy made up by the ice manufacturers and the air conditioning lobbies.

4. For camping gear a spare liver would be nice.”

There you have it campers. The original frontier gibberish from grizzled camper Wilderness Doug.


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7 Responses to “Wilderness Doug Found!!!”

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Well, I am glad that Wilderness Doug has been found. I will have to say that I believe him to be a smart man. I believe that his long days in the camp world has brought out some deep serious thoughts. I think that I can’t wait to hear more of wilderness Doug. He seems to be on the right track. I might have to take his side in his thoughts. Captn Rob… you have some work to do.

thanks wilderness doug for your thoughts. I think that I might have to pull up my Coleman camp stool and listen in all the long debates that I am sure that you and Captn Rob will be having.
But remember the Colts did however stomp those bears in the Superbowl. Let’s take that Limo ride again to hear your thoughts on that discussion. Tell the wife I said Hello.

Greeting honorary camper gwen,

Thanks for coming back to the camp discussion. You are correct, Wilderness Doug is easy to like. I have to caution you though about complementing him to much. Wilderness Doug is a lot like the cute little raccoons that like to hang around the outskirts of camp. If you feed them, they some times become emboldened and disruptive. Wilderness Doug if given too much encouragement, like the camp raccoons, may end up stealing all your food and craping in your chuck wagon.


Thanks for jumping into the fray. Nice jab at Wilderness Doug. Nothing gets that camper going like a good cheap shot at his beloved Bears. Maybe just for laughs, I’ll see if I can get him to sing the Bear down Chicago Bears song for us.

Tell wilderness doug, Im willing to let him get me a christmas present…You know..one of those good ol’ you know….Street signs….with the word casie on it.
That would be the best present ever. Tell him about the distraught childhood memories a girl with that name might have had growing up..like going to store to get one of those license plate things little kids get with their name on it…or having everyone in that said little girls family having matching things at the front of one said house with their names on them…and her not getting one..or never getting a keychain, coffee mug, magnet, pen, cup, plate, pencil, socks, sticker…well you get the idea.
That would make him honorary in that said little ladys heart.


This may be the perfect forum for answering some of our age old questions.The one that comes to mind is….

“If 2 husbands are camping in the woods and they talk, are they still wrong?”

Wilderness Doug,

As always an astute observation. I think you could generalize it even further to be if two men were camping in the woods? Even though guys usually think they are getting a pass while they are dating woman. The woman is usually keeping her opinions of the mans wrongness to herself until he has been hooked, netted, landed in the boat, and beaten senseless by an oar or rubber hose filled with washers.

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