Wilderness Doug Speaks I

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Greetings Campers,

Wilderness Doug has once again seeped forward to impart his wisdom on us all. He posted his thoughts in the comments section of who’s a winter camper. I did not want his wise and powerful message to get lost in the clutter of the rest of the quarterly, so I am posting here for your enjoyment. Here it is, in it unedited original frontier gibberish.


Perhaps this question has been asked over the ages more than any other contemplative question. Great thinkers pondering the very soul and origin of our very being had to brush up against this subject on more than one occassion. You can just envision Socrotes (sic) or Plato sitting on their stone camp stools wondering why, Why would normally sane and gainfully employed people reject the creature comforts of shelter and camp in the winter?

Fear not, I have researched this topic extensively over the last 25 years and while the recorded record is spotty, I think I have a senario developed that is not only plausible but likely based on know recorded historical facts.

Winter camping in the current context developed during the times of the ancient Greek philosiphers mentioned above. Socrates, Plato and Aristotle were getting together for there normal Thursday night card game with their buddies. Things were progressing as usual with quantites of Ale and spirits being consumed and Aristotle up about a 100 bucks. At some point Mrs. Plato came home from the theater with Mrs. Socrotes and Mrs. Aristotle at which point they decided they wanted to play as well. This shook the ancients at there very core. In short order Mrs. Plato and Mrs. Socrotes realized that there husbands were losing money and began a series of personel attacks regarding there manhood. Aristotle sat back and quickly recognized that this could have just as easily been him as well. If fact, after one blistering flurry on his buddies he made the mistake of jumping to their defense and was quickly routed by his inspired wife who was already worked into a lather by the beat down being administered.

The next day the batered men were back at work thinking when one of them exclaimed “Damn, we gotta think of a way to get out of the house”. Another exclaimed “It has got to be something the wives will never want to do or they will just follow us”. The third said “It also needs to be so stupid they will think there is a possibility that we might die”

And thus boys and girls Winter Camping was born.

Stay tuned next week for Chapter 2 “The Great Explorers – Fearless, Intrepid, Adventurers or Just Campers”



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