Honorary Camper Named…

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I have held an emergency meeting of camp council to elect a new honorary camper. A Mr. J-Goo has placed a comment on our A-Rod or A-Hole post and I am so impressed with his writing style that I am reproducing it below. Prepare to be dazzled. I now present honorary camper J-Goo….


In my most humbled of opinions, the simple answer is this: Barry. Why? Well, let’s take a quick look at the simplest of factors…the names so commonly used that there are in this post an amazing 7 times….A-Rod and Barry.

First we’ll look at A-Rod. As we all know, it is short for “Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez”. Wow…now that’s a proud name. Alexander (like the Great), Emmanuel (like the savior), and Rodriguez (like the Mexican). Now immagine you had to spend most of your life with your name being reduced to something like “A-Rod”. I know that if I was out to dinner with Cynthia Scurtisand (Mr. Rodriguez’s wife, for the “campers” who don’t know) and someone woman called me a rod, I would assume her name is Cinthya Untburger and shorten her name the same way she has mine. To me, the hardships alone should be worth 25 million a year from G-Sti.

Now, let’s look at the name Barry, which is short for “Barry Lamar Bonds”. That’s right folks, Lamar. Judging from that name, it’s easy to know why he is called “Barry”. It’s just so easy. It’s his name. His mommy and daddy named him that. We don’t call him B-Bon. It’s just Barry. Granted, when I think of Barry, I immagine the fat ass plumber who lives down the street and hits on the 3rd grade girls as they get off the bus, but the hardships are not enough to bring about the response above.

So consider this…if you are out with your loved one, and someone comes up to you and calls you “A Rod”, you’d kick their bottom. Now, if the same person called you “Barry”, you would most likely correct them and move on with your life.

Thus, Barry is a bigger A-Hole.

Thank you, and goodnight.”

J-Goo – November 16, 2007 at 12:50 pm

It just brings a tear to ol Captn Robs eye.


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