Wilderness Doug weighs in on below freezing…

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Greetings Campers,

Wilderness Doug checked in with more wisdom.



The other innovation from that camp was the beer slushy. I remember having to strain the ice crystals through the teeth to get to the golden necture. I think the unbreakable egg was also invented at that camp. Just get the Kinsu out and peel it like a potato. I believe I used 2 as ice cubes for the morning Jack and coffee. Week to Pre-Camp, brushing up on the Robert’s rulle of Order, Put gas line antifreeze in the 4 wheeler, run a gear check on Thursday, Forage of friday.


Wilderness Doug – November 30, 2007 at 9:44 am


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6 Responses to “Wilderness Doug weighs in on below freezing…”

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It could now be considered a Pandemic. A recent communique from Sargent at Arms Conrholio indicates another Buckout is in progress. Corny has suggested that he will attend his company Christmas party in lu of Pre-Camp. It could be down once again to “Just you 2 idiots”. What happened to the camping spirt in this country? I can only imagine how history would have changed if intrepid campers like Leif Erricson decided it was stupid to take off in an open boat with a bunch of his drunken buddies and having no friggin idea where he was going. Now that is camping! Another example of the pussification of this country. Sure some of the early camps were tougher than others (Valley Forge), but is that any reason to not do it?


Greetings Wilderness Doug,

I agree with your whole wussification theory. I wonder if the self-forage camp may be a bit intimidating for the more recent campers. Maybe they have been riding along on the senior campers coat tails and now that they have to fend for themselves, they are not so gung-ho. Sissies!


I think you may have hit it again. Codilling rookies and non-senior campers is likely to breed weak(er) minded campers that are not self sufficient. You try and bring campers along slowly, build their self confidence, teach them in the arts of rugged individualism and sometimes the net effect is candyass campers. What do you do? I beleive some council decrees are in order.

I found the recipe for corn dodgers. There is even a reference to the “Duke” in the decription. Looking for a flat rock now. See ya soon.


Greetings Wilderness Doug,

I agree with you as well. We have been to easy on the young campers. I’ll bet you that if I would have let you bury rookie “Don’t mess my hair” Betten, up to his neck and left him for the vultures like you wanted to… We wouldn’t be in this situation. I think we are going to be forced to make an example of one of theses rookies soon. Any chance of getting TRod back for Winter Camp Actual in Feb? He would be a good one to sacrifice as an example.

I think some camp decrees will be handed down. I have a couple great ideas for the February camp to surprise the new campers with that I can’t wait to show you.


So it is said, so it shall be done. I do have to comment on the suggestion that I wanted to bury Betton up to his neck. While the jist of the comment was accuarte, my intent was simply to have a place to set my Jack. I kept getting leaves on the bottom of my cup and needed a small coffee table. I fiqured his hair would hold it nicely. I guess the objective was more to provide creature comfort for a senior camper(which is clearly outlined during rookie orientation), than a free meal for the vultures.




I know what you mean about a place for your drink. The female camper with the retractable legs, flat head that owns her own liqueur store has been elusive all of these years.

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