Winter Pre-Camp 07

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Greetings Campers,

It’s a cold overcast day. Sitting back in the trusty Coleman camp chair sipping piping hot Millstone coffee from the black tin cup with white specs and reviewing Pre-Camp 07 in my mind. One word sums it up. RAIN!!!

Yep, rain, rain and more rain.

Where have all the real campers gone. In the immortal words of Wilderness Doug’s wife Angie, “Just you two idiots again?”
Yep! Just us two idiots again. All the sudo campers and camper wannabes “Bucked” out this weekend. Camp Dork Jayson, No show! (Girlfriend’s Christmas Party) The Boy! No Show! (Spent big $ on tixs to boring Christmas Show then jilted by date) We are assuming he is in a man cave somewhere searching for what’s left of his dignity. TRod No Show again! ( No excuse, just no show. Probally afraid to leave house since his wife mounted his penis above fireplace) Camper Mike? One word. WOOOOSIEEE!!! Nuf said. Sergeant at Arms Cornholio partial show. Again pups out due to spousal Christmas party. We got to give Corny partial credit. He did come down to the camp for a few drinks after his spousal commitment was satisfied. Camp Dog Ringo. Banished from camp due to an aromatic infraction. Dogs as a general rule are somewhat smelly. Unfortunatly camp dog Ringo tried to take stink to a whole different playing field. Camp has all sorts of smells, most of them bad, but this dog smelled like he was sprayed by a skunk, killed it, crapped on it, left it on the road during August for a week and then rolled all over it. I don’t know that I have ever smelled anything so foul!!!

Being grizzled camp veterans the rain was of no concern for the two senior campers. Wilderness Doug brought some tarps, which we quickly strung up between some trees to create an overhead shelter. We cut a center post to allow the rain to run off in any direction and it was camp. Wilderness Doug brought two new devices to camp this year that were invaluable. The camp chain-saw and camp maul. As campers we have traditionally used the burn through method to make large logs smaller. This time we took large logs, split them into smaller logs and had a fire that was second to none.

Our camp design was to use the tarp to create a dry space to sit under. The fire pit was positioned approximately six feet outside the tarp area. This allowed us to sit in the comfort of our Coleman camp chairs and bask in the warmth of the fire. The weather was almost as poor as camp conditions can get. 34 degrees and wet. The only other thing that could have made it worse would have been high winds. Fortunately we had low wind and stayed dry mostly.

WD brought ribs which we smoked over the fire for between 4 and 6 hours. (No watches or cell phones allowed in camp)
During that time the campers enjoyed a combination of cocktails. Mass quantities of Gin, Whiskey, and Beer, Oh My! The ribs turned out chewy but very tasty. We had rice and gravy as side dishes. Snacks consisted of peanuts in shell, swagger and socialbles. We also cooked up a marinated pork loin, but it was uneaten. Breakfast consisted of traditional bacon eggs and tortillas. Both Captn Rob and Wilderness Doug developed some sort of ailment in the morning. We both experienced pounding headaches with a somewhat sensitive stomach. It musta been something we ate!

Over all it was a good camp. We held the usual camp councel, attempted to save the world, explored ways to take over the world once it was saved, planned winter camp 08, and argued. I’ll tell you more about that in my next post.

Till then…. Good Camping.

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Wilderness Doug weighs in on below freezing…

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Greetings Campers,

Wilderness Doug checked in with more wisdom.



The other innovation from that camp was the beer slushy. I remember having to strain the ice crystals through the teeth to get to the golden necture. I think the unbreakable egg was also invented at that camp. Just get the Kinsu out and peel it like a potato. I believe I used 2 as ice cubes for the morning Jack and coffee. Week to Pre-Camp, brushing up on the Robert’s rulle of Order, Put gas line antifreeze in the 4 wheeler, run a gear check on Thursday, Forage of friday.


Wilderness Doug – November 30, 2007 at 9:44 am

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Rachael Ray meet Ray Lewis

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What do Rachael Ray and Ray Lewis have in common? What do they have to do with winter camp? Not a thing… And yet I am going to find a way to put it all together. Thats one of the great things about being Captn Rob!

When I rolled out of the sleeping bag this morning the first thing on my mind was breakfast. After starting my morning cup of Folgers Special Roast Coffee, I wondered over to the chuck wagon. Much to my dismay, the chuck wagon supplies were woefully thin. No salt or seasonings!!! I knew I didn’t have time for a quick hunt and gather, so I decided to improvise. Scrounging around at the bottom of the chuck wagon I found an old bottle of Benissimo Mediterranean Garlic dipping olive oil. (Even the most rugged of individuals like an occasional hunk of bread dipped in seasoned oil and a bottle of wine. As long as you drink your wine directly from the bottle, it;s still manly.) I shook it up for full flavor distribution and used it to cook my sausage. The chunks of garlic and other assorted flotsam of seasonings mixed over the sausage coating it evenly. Corprl Casie shouted from upstairs that she was hungry, smelled what I was cooking and wanted some. Campers note. (Corprl Casie is my daughter and has a two story tent off to the side of camp.) So I threw a few more eggs over the top. when the sausage was done. Mixed cooked and served. Added some salsa, and it was breakfast. Still all in one skillet. Tada!!!!

Now getting back to the headline what to Rachael Ray and Ray Lewis have to do with my camp breakfast. Nothing, but it seemed like a catchy headline and gave me some cover for my improvised seasoning for breakfast.

Till next time, Good Camping

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Good Morning Campers!!!

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Good morning campers. I’ve already kicked the ashes off last nights coals, added kindling, and now have a small crackling fire dancing in the fire pit. First order of business is to get coffee brewing. Once the coffee is on it”s time to start breakfast. My favorite camp breakfast is what I call camp gruel. Camp Gruel Captn Rob style is made up of Sausage, Green Peppers (3 colors) Mushrooms, Onion, and Eggs. The peppers take longest to cook so I tear them up into smallish pieces and start them in the skillet. The Sausage is usually a link type sausage cut into small pieces. This goes into the skillet next. Followed by onion, and lastly mushrooms. Once all of the stuff is mostly cooked, add a bunch of eggs into the mix. Wilderness Doug feels the eggs should be scrambled in a separate container before adding to the skillet. I am more of a true one skillet cook than he is, so I have no problem just cracking the eggs and adding them to the mix quickly and then scrambling them while they are cooking. Add salt and pepper liberally. Add a couple of tortillas cooked over a flame, some salsa and you have the perfect camp breakfast. Scoop as much as you can onto your plate, let everyone else fend for themselves. Oh yea, thats camping!

I’d like to here what other campers feel is a great camp breakfast to help ward off the cold, and of course take the edge off a slight hang over.

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