I hate Monday’s

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Greetings Campers….

I hate Mondays. Does anyone else hate them as much as I do? The only thing to look forward to is Monday Night Football. After that we are screwed for the rest of the week.

I think part of the reason the good Captn hates Mondays is the ever unpopular sales meeting. The Captn is back in sales. I used to be a sales manager, but the weight of the gienormus target on my back was getting heavy. Now I am back in the roll of simple sales person. In my industry we have Monday morning sales meetings. It was bad enough when I ran the meetings, but now it is 10 times worse when I have to attend them. I would like to think that my meetings were entertaining and enlightening, but I think that would be just a little self delusional. Almost all meetings are crap. In todays environment of technology, everything… every last bit of information provided in a meeting can be done online or via email. No need for everyone to sit together. As some wise man somewhere once said, “None of us is as dumb as all of us!” Bahhhh… Arggggeehei…. @#$&#$!!!!

Whew. Glad I got that off my chest.

Well enough of my grumbling. Lets talk football.

In my little brain, I have deluded myself with a wish that the Evil New England Patriots go undefeated in regular season. Then get bumped off in the playoffs and not make it to the Superbowl. I think that could be the only thing sweeter than having someone like Miami break their winning streak (Or Lil Tommys leg).


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Demi Moore, Taxes, World Oil Demand, National Health Care, Mike Huckabee, Sports, George Bush, Conservatives, Liberals, Boat Drinks, War, World Domination…

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Greetings Campers,

Happy Pre-camp eve. I hope all you little campers have stuffed your stockings… deep in your back pack, dug out last years camp cookware, cleaned most of the crust off, and checked the sleeping bag for little woodland critters. Cause its Pre-Camp Eve!!!

Todays headline is a little different than most WCQ headlines. The reason is that I thought I would highlight some of the possible topics up for discussion around the campfire.

Both Senior Campers have discussed an addition to the camp that is a sensitive subject. Sensitive because of two reasons.
1. It is a politically incorrect topic.
2. It is a maritally incorrect topic.
The topic I refer to is the camp squaw. We have always felt that having a camp squaw would be a great addition to the camp. We understand that term “camp squaw” can have a bad connotation in our politicly correct times, but we mean only to pay tribute to the great westerns we all grew up with. In the old westerns, the camp squaw was a revered member of the camp. Providing food for the campers and keeping their male egos in check, all the while showing her intellectual superiority over all the men. In this light we feel a camp squaw would be a great addition to camp. Problem #2. The Senior Campers wives read the WCQ and while not willing to step up and volunteer for camp squaw duties, would still frown on the addition of an actual camp squaw. Now my beautiful, charming, intelligent, and loving bride is the forgiving type, Wilderness Doug’s is not. I think I mentioned that WD’s wife Angie is evil. She is not the type of gal to kick him to the curb or out if she becomes displeased with him. She is more of the type to stay closed by and torture him for the rest of his sorry miserable life until he is embraced by the peace that death will bring. This being said the senior campers are going to debate the addition of a fantasy camp squaw. I will start the nomination with two who I feel would look good in buckskin. Young Demi Moore demi_moore.jpg Very Young Cher cher.jpg

Based on the above pictures, I think Demi Moore is a hands down winner. Who else should be nominated for buckskin?


There is a big disagreement on this one in camp. Captn Rob is a believer in the “Fair Tax” Wilderness Doug is not. We will discuss this more fully at camp.

World Oil Demand and Supply

This topic plays to Wilderness Doug’s strength as he works in the oil industry. The god Captn has uncoverd information that indicates that oil is a renewable resource. I can already feel the disdain that will be piled on me for this one!

National Health Care.

Does anyone really have a clue on this one? I feel government needs to stay out of it. WD feels government is the answer. Bla, Bla, Bla…

Mike Huckabee See Taxes

Sports Tom Brady, New England Patriots, and why we hate them. Indianapolis Colts, Chicago Bears, and why we love them and are disappointed by them.

George Bush, war, and all the rest, I will report on on Monday. Have a good weekend. I’ll check in on Monday!

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Tom Brady, Satan’s rump rider escapes again!

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Greetings Campers,

Just sitting here in my trusty Coleman camp chair, sipping some Millstone coffee, and wondering…Why Lord Why!!! You can’t really let the little weasel, his cheating coach and assorted other miscreants go undefeated!!!852383029_9eeb4314d4.jpgYes the hated New England Patriots sneaked by the Ravens.

Ray Lewis where were you last night? We need a slobbering junk yard dog to take a bite of of the evil Tom Brady.

Hopeful the Steelers can come through!

Well here are a few links to other like minded Brady haters. This first one is weak, but it has a great picture of Jessica Simpson.

Stop back to ihatetombrady.com Always funny. I also swiped borrowed this next visual off the site. As a camper the whole ethics of what “is, is” and when something “is” someone else’s “is” somewhat vague. So I fell back to Camp Law #1. So in the event that the “borrowing” of this image is inappropriate, please visit ihatetomebrady.com and buy some merchandise when it becomes available.coffee.jpgI thought this image is so appropriate for Winter Campers.

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Brady Bashing…..

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Greetings Campers,

I am thinking of creating a new sport. I am going to call it Brady Bashing. In honor of the Mr. Tom Brady. I think we need to come up with some rules, but it seems like a lot of work, so what I will do is make them up as I go along.

Rule number one. The Senior Campers are always right.
Rule number two. Bash Brady

Ok thats enough of rule making for today.

I have been searching around for some new content of people saying unkind things about Bezzlebubs boy toy. It is getting more and more difficult to find new Brady haters. Fear not I have found a couple.

Here’s a good one. Tom Brady: “I’m the Father of Anna Nicole’s baby”

While this next submission is not strictly about bashing Tom Brady, I am going to allow it as it is picking on Bill Belichick. It also has a picture related to Richard Nixion. How can you go wrong. Enjoy some info about Billy B and his cheating ways.

The great thing about social media is that it brings us all together. I have noticed that the social giant MySpace is fertile ground to find Brady Haters. Here is a group that feels they need to be categorized geographically. I bring you the Southern California Brady Haters. I guess thats so we don’t mistake them with the Northern or Central California chapters.

Well lets all hope for a rousing defeat today for The Evil Tom Brady and New England Patriots.

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Hey Tom Brady!!!

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Greetings Tom Brady,

Our little friend would like to welcome you to Winter Pre-Camp 07


Photo courtesy FARK.com

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I hate Tom Brady ll

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Greetings Campers,

Your dear ol Capn Rob was out in the field yesterday. Can no one stop the evil Patriots? What a can of whoop a#@ they put on the Bills. It looked like they were playing a girls touch football team that someone had put in pads. Running up the score again!!! Brady running up his stats, again!!!! Randy Moss, AGAIN!!!!! Arrrggh!!!!!

Is Pittsburgh our only hope to stop these jokers? I hope not.

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Indianapolis Colts vs Kansas City Chiefs

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Greetings Campers,

Captn Rob is going to miss the Colts game today. I’ll be busy in the field. So I thought before I go I would jot down my thoughts about todays game.

The beat up Indianapolis Colts face the battered Kansas City Chiefs today. I for one am hoping for a Colts victory. The Colts find themselves in more of a strategic quandary than a Kansas City. The Colts know they have the talent and discipline to beat a team of KC’s quality, but do they risk bringing back players not fully recovered from injuries to do so? I think Coach Dungy will continue to try and nurse the battered Colts along as far as he can so that we will be healthy and ready to play in the playoffs. I have already heard and read people who think we should coast the rest of the season, let the evil Patriots have another moment in the sun, and save our talent for next year. I don’t think so!!!!

John Oehser has writen a good read at Colts.com spelling out todays match up between The Indianapolis Colts and Kansas City Chiefs.
It is titled Another Tough Test Check it out its good.

Good Luck to the Colts, and lets all hope for a New England defeat!!!

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More Tom Brady haters

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Greetings Campers,

It’s a drizzly nasty day outside. What better way is there to warm up than to search the web for like minded souls who don’t care for Tom Brady.

I found the top dog of Brady haters. He even has a site called ihatetombrady.com. Its a great site worthy of visiting. He is even planning n selling I hate Tom Brady gear. Brilliant!

Our next guest is really a baseball fan, but he hates Brady so much he talks about Bezelbubs offspring in his blog behind the dugout. This is a great rant that borders on spilling over into a tirade. Enjoy.

This next one is here just for the picture

Well that was fun. I’ll keep looking, you keep hating!

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The Captn is confuzed!

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Greetings Campers,

The good Captn is sitting here in my trusty Coleman camp chair with a puzzled look on my face. People who know Captn Rob may be asking themselves how can we tell? He always looks that way. Well trust me. Heres the confusion. I know this is not supposed to be talked about openly, but I have been checking my blog statistics. It seems that most of my traffic has been from a google search of Tom Brady. So I thought I would google Tom Brady. Over 3,000,000 results came from that inquiry. I started reviewing page after page looking for the link to my site. I went 40 pages back which is 400 site links and did not find my humble blog. Now I am somewhat bored today, but 40 pages was all I had in me. My eyes rolled back in my head and I could not bring myself to search anymore. Then it ht me. Oh my Peyton Manning, how bored and rabid are these patriot fans who keep finding this site? So , rabid Pats fans, if you googled Tom Brady and found the Winter Campers Quarterly, send me a note and let me know how far back you had to go to find us.

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Battered Colts Beaten by Chastised Chargers

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Greetings Campers,

The ol Captn is so sad for the second week in a row. The World Champion Indianapolis Colts lost a hard one to the Chargers. The battered Colts were so low on personnel, they had to recruit a fat guy from the stands to play on the offensive line. Adam Venitari, Mr. Clutch, missed two key kicks. The first kick was a tough one at the end of the first half. The second one was a short chip that flew off to the right. I sure Mike Vanderjack is polishing up his resume. Don’t bother Mike, we will be keeping Mr. Clutch.

I had a few snide remarks for reader Leann, but I had to swallow them along with a heaping helping of crow.

Sometimes it’s not good to be Captn Rob

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